DMCA Notifications

The DMCA (or Digital Millennium Copyright Act) prohibits sharing of media without written permission for the author, artist, publisher or a combination of all 3. There aren’t any book titles to download for free on this site, with apparent links taking you to bookstores where I will receive a small commission. Here’s the advice to publishers, authors, government and DMCA personnel:


That’s right, there are no PDF, MP3, EPUB, MOBI or the like. The book titles in blog posts and on social media are designed to bring people here and redirect them to a bookstore. Thousands of people search for free downloads of popular book titles everyday and through this unique site which I have created, I am able to turn dishonest people into honest people. Therefore, I am able to support authors and publishing houses and will receive a very small (only 20 cents/book) commission for doing so which helps to keep this site running.

Effectively, you do not require to send me any cease and decease notices. Should you wish to get in contact then you can do so via the contact form and I will respond to you ASAP.