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If you have lots of free time and are searching online for this vegan cookbook, then I believe this link is ACTIVE. Valid for the next 24 hours, these complimentary copies are available through first reading this article and following these very simple to read instructions. I felt yesterday that it would be a good idea to change these links, and will redirect you to amazon and/or another chosen online book store. It’s important for you to know that I’ll get a small commission for referring you should you choose to make a purchase of any type, since my mission in life is to support every author on this beautiful planet. What I’m effectively saying is that you’ll have to purchase a copy to actually begin reading right now.

Start here:


eReader: Not yet available


These 100 recipes to bring your family to the plant-based table are so delicious! I sincerely hope you purchase a copy of this vegan cookbook today! It really is the only way to start reading this now.

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